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Control access to your property

Keeping control over who can and cannot enter your property can give you an additional layer of security for your property. Only authorised people will be allowed to enter your property, whether it’s 30 people or 300.

Designing your system

Our systems are bespoke designed for your building. Every requirement can be handled, from the number of doors that need access control to sensitive and more secure areas where only certain people are permitted. The systems we use are flexible, allowing for different levels of access to be programmed into the same cards. Our access control systems can even be connected to other security systems. Burglar alarms for instance, could go off should your access points be breached. This will give you more complete security.

There are a number of advantages of integrating access control systems at your property. If you are business, you’ll largely benefit as there will be no requirements to change the lock when staff leave their role. This is because each member of staff will know their unique code to enter and leave the premises. Secondly, access control systems are also much safer than the traditional method of keys due to the fact that intercom and access control systems can’t be copied.

Another benefit of access control systems is that you’ll have much more control over specific areas of your premises. For example, if you want staff to have freedom or limited access to a certain room or area, this can be easily achieved with access control systems. Further benefits include streamlining entering and exiting of your business hassle-free, improving overall security, reducing risk, and you’ll have increased flexibility and control.

Some of the options available

  • Intercom systems
  • Swipe card readers
  • Proximity sensors
  • Video entry
  • Automated systems

Every system is bespoke designed. We’ll advise you on what the options are and help you to decide what the best system for your property is.

Continued maintenance

We take great pride in the quality of our installations. Everything we install is compliant with current British Standards. More than that, we offer continued maintenance on installed and existing systems on a yearly rolling contract.

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    Entry Door Systems

    Entry door systems are one of the more favourable types of access control systems that are easily integrate for businesses in a multitude of sectors. A typical door access system allows entry to the premises for visitors and those who may not have specific codes to otherwise enter the property. Entry door systems are commonly integrated at the likes of schools and hospitals. The visiting party presses a call button that transfers internally for the decision maker to decide whether or not it’s suitable for the visitor to pass through the entry of the building.

    Intercom Systems

    Surrey Security Systems also have a vast amount of experience in integrating high-quality intercom systems. Intercom access control systems assist in providing a convenient way to grant authorised access. This type of access control systems allows for a two-way communication prior to entry. Intercom systems are regularly integrated by our expert team at the likes of office buildings, co-working spaces, and multi-storey buildings.

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