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    Surrey Security System install a range of different burglar alarms systems in Billinghurst including wired systems, wireless systems, audible systems and much more.

    Burglar Alarms Systems Billinghurst

    Here at Surrey Security Systems, we install high-quality burglar alarms in Billinghurst and the surrounding areas.  Burglar alarms are one of the most common security measures for both residential and commercial properties that can help to deter a break-in before it happens.  Simply by making potential intruders aware that your property is protected and monitored makes it much less likely for you to be a target of burglary or intrusion.  We offer and install a range of burglar alarm systems in Billinghurst to suit specific requirements as we understand every property is different.  As well as standard burglar alarms, our range of systems include the following;-

    • Wired Alarms.
    • Wireless Alarms.
    • Monitored Alarms.
    • Bell systems (audible).
    • Detectors & senses.

    Whatever type of system you’re looking for, we are your local and reliable alarm installers with over 30 years experience who can help.  Find out more about our range of systems or book your site survey today by calling us on 01403 839499.  Alternatively, if you prefer to email, use our contact form!

    Experts you can talk to

    Our team is ideally sized to deal with jobs of any scale and to always provide a personal service. At any time you can call us to speak direct to one of our expert engineers, who can answer your questions or arrange to come out and see you at a time of your convenience.

      Wired Burglar Alarms Billinghurst

      Wired burglar alarms are one of the more traditional types of systems where the cables are connected to the control panels to the sensors.  Although wired systems are very traditional, they are very reliable and always perform well unless a system fault occurs. Our experienced and local engineers are able to easily install this type of systems within your property.  Choosing the right intruder alarm is an important decision and if you’re unsure of the best system for your property, our helpful and professional team will be more than happy to go through all potential options with you.

      Wireless Burglar Alarms Billinghurst

      Wireless burglar alarms are a perfect security solution for business premises and residential properties where cabling may be an issue.  This type of system enables fantastic security measures to be put in place whilst maintaining a tidy look with no obvious wires visible.  As well as providing excellent security, they also offer more flexibility when moving property.  This means that in theory, your system is portable and you can take it with you!  The wireless systems work by the sensors communicating information to the control panel for maximum effect

      Monitored Alarms

      Vigilant alarm monitoring is important in this day and age to monitor your personal safety and the security of your property.  We offer monitored alarms in Billinghurst and throughout the surrounding areas.  Monitored alarms are particularly ideal for properties in a high-risk area and they provide an immediate response.  Our highly trained professionals will set up and configure the whole system and show you step by step exactly how to utilise your new security system.  Monitored alarms are really easy to operate!

      Audible Bell Systems

      Here at Surrey Security Systems, we also provide bell-only audible alarm systems which serve as an effective alert for if someone tries to break an entry.  Audible bell systems can be activated at your own convenience that will trigger sounders that are mounted on the both inside and the outside of your building.  Audible bell systems are very effective and the loud noise when triggered will help to bring attention to the break-in to your surrounding neighbours.  Our team of engineers use the latest technological audible bell systems for maximum effect.

      Contact Surrey Security Systems

      Burglar alarms are often the number one choice when customers decide to increase security measures.  Here at Surrey Security Systems, we guarantee a fully comprehensive and trustworthy service for ultimate peace of mind.

      Whatever type of burglar alarm system you’re seeking, our professional and expert team will be able to best advise on what may suit your residential or commercial property best.  Find out more about our range of systems or book your site survey today by calling us directly on 01403 839499.

      Designed for your property

      How your system is designed will rely heavily on the layout of your property. Every property is unique and requires a different layout of cameras to cover sensitive, vulnerable or tempting areas. The system also has to be set up both to be visible and to record the best evidence possible. Our systems are designed from scratch every time, allowing us to account for every factor and incorporate other systems such as burglar alarms and security lighting.

      Comprehensive maintenance

      Your system should be in pristine working order all year round, ready for when you need it. That’s why once your system is up and running we can provide a yearly rolling contract for maintenance.

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