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Surrey Security System install a range of different burglar alarms in Esher including wired systems, wireless systems, audible systems and much more.

Surrey Security Systems understand the importance of properly securing your property.  That’s why we offer a multitude of burglar alarm systems in Esher with the latest integrated technology for ultimate peace of mind.  Our smart alarm systems are really simple to operate and designed for your specific property layout.  Over the last 35 years, we have installed high-quality systems at domestic properties, care homes, commercial properties and industrial warehouses.  Keeping your family or your business safe is one of the most important things in life and that’s why we’re passionate about drastically improving your overall security by installing burglar alarms and/or other security systems that all compliment each other fantastically.  The most popular and common systems we install include;-

Our range of traditional and modern burglar alarm systems include;-

  • Wired Alarms.
  • Wireless Alarms.
  • Monitored Alarms.
  • Bell systems (audible).
  • Detectors & senses.

Our smart alarms consist of the latest integrated technology but don’t let this put you off.  Smart alarms are really easy to operate and our team of friendly and professional engineers will make sure that you know exactly how to work them before we leave!  Get in touch with us today by calling us on 01372 626 092!

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Our team is ideally sized to deal with jobs of any scale and to always provide a personal service. At any time you can call us to speak direct to one of our expert engineers, who can answer your questions or arrange to come out and see you at a time of your convenience.
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As a result of continuously advancing technology within the industry, alarm systems are getting more and more smart.  When it comes to wireless burglar alarms in Esher, you can benefit from a much neater set up that is particularly beneficial to businesses where first impressions count.  Moreover, wireless systems are really flexible meaning that you can easily add door or window sensors & motion detectors should you ever need to expand your system.  Although wireless systems are the most popular, wired alarm systems still shouldn’t be forgotten about.  The right choice for you will depend on a few variable factors including the size of your property and the likelihood of relocation within the next couple of months or years.


Monitored alarm systems communicate with an alarm receiving centre and the ACR response 24/7 to alarm activations by calling your nominated keyholders or emergency service providers.  Monitored alarms are particularly popular and beneficial for larger commercial and domestic properties that may be at a much higher risk of intrusion or burglary.  You may also find that monitored alarms are a key requirement for your home insurance policy that can reduce the cost of premiums.  Monitored alarms can connect to digital communicators, single path signalling and dual path signalling.


Bells-only alarms are one of the most popular types of burglar alarm systems that are commonly used in smaller to medium sized domestic properties.  Bells-only alarms serve as an effective deterrent for opportunistic criminals and thanks to the evident alarm on the outside of your property, this is enough to stop burglars from attempting a burglary in the first place.  We recommend that bells-only alarms are used in conjunction with CCTV systems for maximum security.  When bells-only alarms are triggered, they sound extremely loud and encourage intruders to leave your property immediately.

Reading Burglar Alarms
Reading Burglar Alarms

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Our highly trained professional engineers will set up and configure the whole system on your smart devices. We will take time to ensure you are 100% happy with how to fully utilise your new burglar security system.  Whether you require a wireless or wired system, our highly experienced engineers can cater to you every need.  Call us now for your FREE no-obligation on 01372 626092.

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