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    Surrey Security System install a range of different burglar alarms in Slough including wired systems, wireless systems, audible systems and much more.

    Burglar Alarms Slough

    Looking for high-quality burglar alarm systems in Slough or the surrounding areas?  If so, look no further than Surrey Security Systems.  For many years now, we have been installing alarms at both residential and commercial properties for intruder protection.  Many studies show that by simply making potential burglars aware that you have a system in place, it’s enough to deter them away from even trying to break an entry.  There is no typical alarm that should install at your property as all properties are different.  That’s why we offer a range of different systems that include the following;-

    • Wired Alarms.
    • Wireless Alarms.
    • Monitored Alarms.
    • Bell systems (audible).
    • Detectors & senses.

    Surrey Security Systems have over 30 years’ experience in installing high-quality burglar alarms in Slough and the surrounding areas.  Find out more about our range of systems by calling us today directly on 01753 331472.  Alternatively, if you prefer to email, use our contact form!

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    Our team is ideally sized to deal with jobs of any scale and to always provide a personal service. At any time you can call us to speak direct to one of our expert engineers, who can answer your questions or arrange to come out and see you at a time of your convenience.



      Wired & Wireless Burglar Alarms Slough

      When choosing your burglar alarm systems, one of the biggest decisions is to decide whether your alarm should be wireless or wired.  On the surface, you may think that the only significant difference is the lack of wires with the wireless alarms.  However, wireless alarms offer a lot more than just a neater and tidier appearance.  Wireless alarms offer more functionality than wired alarms and it can be possible to configure wireless systems to send the homeowner a text message when someone enters the house.  In the modern-day smart-tech era, wireless alarms are the most popular option!

      Monitored Alarms

      Monitored alarms provide vigilant alarm monitoring and offers quick and detailed communication between your home security system and the central station of your security provider.  Around-the-clock monitoring is hugely beneficial to certain properties within the area that have been previously suspect to a break-in on a several occasions.  Monitored alarms give you the ultimate peace of mind that if anyone breaks an entry, emergency services will be alerted instantly without any hesitation.  As soon as an intrusion is trigged, the control panel will alert monitoring personnel at the central station.

      Audible Bell Systems

      Audible Bell Systems are a cost-effective and efficient way to deter potential intruder from breaking an entry.  Audible bell systems are a popular for domestic properties with the audible bell system immediately triggering as soon as the system senses movement within your property. Although it doesn’t send a signal to emergency service providers like monitored alarm systems, it will help to alert passers by and neighbours.

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      Securing your home and business is one of the most important things you can do. Burglar alarm systems are one of the best ways to help detect unauthorised entry and can help to deter potential intruder from even attempting to break in to your property.

      For more information or find out more about our range of burglar alarms in Slough that we install, get in touch with us today. Our helpful and professional team can are more than happy to provide expert advice and offer different options to suit your requirements. Call us today on 01753 331472.


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