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Burglar alarms, keeping you safe

Keeping your family or your business safe means you have to take precautions. Security is vital. You never know when a criminal will try to break into your property and endanger those close to you. Protect yourself with a burglar alarm.

A system to suit your needs

A burglar alarm is one of the core security systems that will protect your property. Our systems are designed to keep out burglars and trespassers using bells that will frighten them away should they break in. We can also install central monitored systems designed to alert people in the event of any break ins. These are priced on application. And remember that we can also install other systems like CCTV cameras and security lighting to give you added protection.

We have a wide range of Burglar Alarms & Intruder Alarms for both residential and commercial sectors. With over 30 years of experience we believe that he have the expertise and know how.

There is no doubt that the most essential addition to your home or business security is an intruder alarm. Not only do intruder alarms make it a greater problem for a thief to break into your home or business premises, the mere presence of security equipment will act as an excellent deterrent.

Choosing the right intruder alarm for your home and business security can be an awe-inspiring prospect. There are so many different types of alarm, different companies, varying prices and terms and conditions to compare.

These include:

Wireless alarm systems are perfect security solutions for flats, apartments, houses and business premises where extensive wiring can be an issue. Wireless enables a clean and tidy installation with no wiring visible. ‘wireless intruder alarm systems are reliable with no interference from mobile phones, wireless broadband or other radio transmissions in and around your home or business premises. Hard wired systems give you total peace of mind knowing that the system is always on and not down due to loss of battery/ power.

Reliability and compliance

Every system we install is designed to match your specific needs while being compliant with the current British Standards. This means that you can trust them to work when needed, and to work as you want them to. We’ll advise you on what the options are, and best of all it starts with a free, no obligation site survey and quote.

Continued maintenance

We don’t stop protecting you once we’ve installed your system. Our comprehensive maintenance includes servicing and repair of your systems, even if it’s an existing system installed by another company.

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