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Monitor your property with CCTV

CCTV cameras are the iconic security system. They’re immediately recognisable and provide huge advantages in keeping your property and the people close to you safe and secure. Due to the security they provide, CCTV cameras can reduce insurance costs.

CCTV and Access Control

Access control is a system which enables you to control authority of who has access to certain areas to your building and land. Within the field of physical security, an access control system in the physical structure of security is normally seen as the second layer. Every business and organisation has assets and information and staff that require protection. Another key issue is the protection of business’ staff and property. Many buildings are secured by locks and keys which mean that doors are left unlocked for most of the day. This can lead to possible theft or crime and the cause of malicious damage, but with the use of an access control system, these theft possibilities can be restricted and will also provide a safer working environment.

The access control system will automatically lock all the doors controlled by the system, once the system has been installed. Only people with a PIN or access cards will be able to enter through controlled doors within the access control system.

Designed for your property

How your system is designed will rely heavily on the layout of your property. Every property is unique and requires a different layout of cameras to cover sensitive, vulnerable or tempting areas. The system also has to be set up both to be visible and to record the best evidence possible. Our systems are designed from scratch every time, allowing us to account for every factor and incorporate other systems such as burglar alarms and security lighting.

Flexible control over users’ access rights is a method of restricting access to staff that doesn’t require access to certain areas of the building. Also, access may be restricted by time, only allowing access to particular users at certain times of day or night. This is also useful for contractors as an expiry date can be set so that the fob will not work after a certain time period. The use of CCTV and Access Control can provide exceptional security cover for your buildings, assets and personnel, call 01372 662211 for more information or to book a site survey.

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