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Surrey Security System install a range of different burglar alarms in Basingstoke including wired systems, wireless systems, audible systems and much more.

Surrey Security System installed a range of different burglar alarms systems in Basingstoke including wired systems, wireless systems, audible systems and much more.


Here at Surrey Security Systems, we install burglar alarms that are designed to your individual requirements.  While the predominant purpose of burglar alarm is of course security, different features and systems may vary from property to property.  With over 30 years experience, our team have an abundance of knowledge and wealth of experience in installing all traditional and modern types of burglar alarm systems.  When you choose Surrey Security Systems, you choose a company and installations that are carried out by certified installers who use the best industry manufacturers as suppliers.

Our range of traditional and modern burglar alarm systems include;-

  • Wired Alarms.
  • Wireless Alarms.
  • Monitored Alarms.
  • Bell systems (audible).
  • Detectors & senses.

As your local and reliable burglar alarm installers, we are fully accredited by the SSAIB (Security in Safe Hands) and we are also CRB checked for peace of mind.  Find out more about how we can help best protect your property by talking to our professional and friendly team on 01372 662211.

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Our team is ideally sized to deal with jobs of any scale and to always provide a personal service. At any time you can call us to speak direct to one of our expert engineers, who can answer your questions or arrange to come out and see you at a time of your convenience.
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When deciding on the best burglar alarm for your property, people are often left with a choice – wired or wireless alarms?  Wired alarm systems will operate around a control panel which is the main hub that responds to alerts from the installed security kit that has been wired up in and around your home.  Wired burglar alarms systems often consist of components including motion detectors and window opening sensors.  Wired alarm systems are really easy to install and our team will take care of the whole process from start to finish.


Thanks to advancement in technology, the popularity of wireless alarms is drastically growing in Basingstoke and throughout the UK.  Wireless technology allow our team to install your business or home alarm quickly whilst causing minimal disruption.  Wireless alarms can also be connected up to electronic devices for remote monitoring and surveillance for when you are vacant from your property.  Devices such as phones, laptops and tablets can all be used for remote access.  Furthermore, optional key-holding and alarm response services are also available.


Here at Surrey Security Systems, we also provide wired and wireless monitored alarms in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas.  The monitored alarm systems that we install are highly effective and popular for larger scale businesses who are looking to best protect stock, assets and valuable business machinery or equipment.  The systems work by activation signals being triggered which will then alarm your remote security provider.  Once the signal is received, emergency services can be sent immediately to deal with the intrusion.


Audible bell alarm systems are systems which upon being triggered will start making loud noises for a considerable amount of time in order to scare the intruder away and/or get the attention of neighbours or passers by as quickly as possible.  With our Audible Bell systems, sensors are placed in key entrance points around the property where intruders would likely trespass. Furthermore, just like many of our systems, our Audible Bell systems also serve as a fantastic deterrent which can prevent break-ins from occurring in the first place.

Reading Burglar Alarms
Reading Burglar Alarms

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